Cat Litter
Bentonite cat litter


Natural mineral ingredients quickly absorb water, refusing to stick to the bottom, strong deodorization


Natural mineral composition, quick water absorption, clumps within 3 seconds , quick odor elimination.

Forms hard clumps , never sticks to the bottom: before penetrating to the bottom of the basin, it quickly clumps, becoming firm and never falling apart.

Functional particles, each playing a different role: bentonite particles, with a precise particle size combination together to increase the encapsulation; Black activated carbon, diverse micropore sizes, adsorbs the odor; Using technology to reduce odor diffusion.

No fragrances added, refreshing and flavorless: mineral particles emit slight mineral odor after encountering water.

Applicable to: cats

Specification: 10L

Term of validity : 36 months

Material: Sodium bentonite

Please place in a cool and dry place below 25 ℃, avoid direct sunlight

Product weight is a sampling result, subject to additional environmental factors, for reference only.

Due to the variation of the shooting environment and display, it may lead to a color difference between the picture and the real object.

During the transportation process, it is impossible to avoid package collisions, that may result in scattered cat litter and package leakage. If you mind, please purchase wisely.

The amount of litter flushed into the toilet each time should not be excessive to prevent clogging.

Flatly spread the litter in a litter box with a thickness of 5~8 cm. To give your cat a more sanitary experience, it is recommended to scoop your cat litter every day.

In regard to color difference: Different batches of cat litter may have slightly different colors. It is normal, so please use with no your cat litter daily is recommended.

Bentonite cat litter

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